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The Next Generation of Data Management

Doolli enables anyone to leverage the power of the cloud to easily and creatively manage their content. With Doolli you can quickly build and publish a database of the information that is important to you, on any device, in minutes. Whether it’s a small group of your friends and family, your company, or the world, you control who can find and use your content.

Build & Publish

Doolli gives you, the curator, power over your content — documents, images, videos, maps, and a wealth of other datatypes. We allow you to customize the way your data is displayed, shared, and found. Build your database from scratch or simply drag-and-drop existing data and Doolli will help you structure and control it.

Doolli templates, visualizations, and plug-ins provide a quick way to create compelling content to share on social networks, your blog, and your website; or simply show a selection of items to friends, customers, and followers. You can even publish different views of your data tailored to different audiences.

Once published, your database is instantly accessible to you, your company, members, subscribers, friends, or the world!

Find & Use

Doolli’s powerful find and filter functionality lets you explore Doolli's public databases, as well as private databases based on your custom access rights. You can search by keywords, content categories, datatypes, or curator type — individual, company, academic, and more.

With Doolli, finding the information that is most important to you couldn't be easier. With a mix of filters that are tailored by the curator to match each database, along with free form contextual search terms, you can easily find and use the data and datasets that are a perfect match for your specific needs. From there you can collect, favorite, or subscribe to datasets to stay up to date on the world of data that matters to you.

Do you have a project you’d like to build on Doolli now?

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