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Bring Order to Your Information World.

Doolli is a data management, knowledge management, and performance support tool that enables you to get more out of the time and energy you invest in building, managing, using, and sharing your content.

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Work Smarter. Be Smarter.

Your Situation: The inefficiencies and complexities that are built into your daily workflow are growing continuously. You struggle to deal with, manage and fully leverage the value of the ever-increasing volume of information for which you’re responsible.

Your Answer: Doolli is more than a storage locker for your files or a notebook for your ideas. It’s a way to structure your information into logical forms and sets that you can later easily find and use in highly sophisticated and targeted ways. Doolli then lets you refine the quality of your information over time before you share it with others—either within Doolli or via any other social or web publishing platform.

Doolli is one of that helps you be more efficient in your process and more nimble and agile as you deal with, collaborate on, and take responsibility for the information through which you learn, grow, work, and thrive.

Key Doolli Capabilities

Curate Collections

Gather and refine information about data, facts, artifacts, media objects, and quotes.

Customize & Socialize

Either share content or collaborate with others while keeping full control over permissions.

Navigate A Smart Interface

If you can use Facebook you can use Doolli. Yes—it's really that simple.

Import From Existing Files

Use your CSV and XLS files to instantly create data-sets.

Create Dashboards & Visualizations

Conveniently combine data visualization objects from multiple data-sets into one.

Deploy to Other Web Platforms

Easily push your Doolli content to any other Web hosting platform.

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Case Study: Artist

I’ve been waiting for a tool like Doolli to come along for years. It has completely transformed the way I manage my collections and it couldn’t be easier to use or more powerful. I highly recommend that everyone gives Doolli a try.

Brant Kingman

Minneapolis Artist

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